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Website Development 2017

St Nicholas Church, Southfleet

Proposal for the Development of Church Website



This paper details the plans to develop the website for St Nicholas Church, Southfleet. It includes a summary of the current website, research carried out in preparation, suggested visual “branding”, the proposed website structure, contributors, timescales and proposals for further development in the future.


Currently the Church Website uses the website builder.


The current church website is very limited in the information given. It focuses on giving information about the key personnel within the church with contact details, the services, and Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals. The current pages are as follows:



·         Service Times

·         Visitor Information

Special Services

·         Getting Married

·         Thanksgiving for the gift of a child

·         Baptism

Who is Who

·         Our Rector

·         Inspirational Words

·         Documents

What’s Happening

·         Link to weekly news sheet


·         The Church of England Website

·         The Diocese of Rochester Website

·         Sedley’s CE School Website

Finding Us

APCM Papers

Weekly News Sheet

The current site does not reflect the history and heritage of the church, the church’s place in the community, the faith of the church, prayer, music, educational aspects, activities and involvement, statutory information, information on giving, the Church School.


The current site does not recognise the beauty and heritage of the building nor celebrate the history of the church and its place in the community for over 1000 years. The current site does not engage the reader in the faith of the church nor the people and activities within it. It does not recognise the place of the church within the wider community of Southfleet, Bean and New Barn. It does not utilise the knowledge and experience of members of the congregation or the wider community.





We wish to facilitate all of the above within redesign of the website and its ongoing development. The website should be an active and evolving resource fulfilling several purposes. There should, of course, be the factual information needed such as contact details and service times. In addition, we propose to develop the site as an educational resource especially with regard to the history of the church and conservation of this heritage site and its place in the social history of the community. We propose the formation of the “Historymakers” group to record and add to the current known history of the church. The “Historymakers” will give rise to events in the church and school where members of the community can contribute to a growing multimedia archive of the church and village history.  


We propose to develop the website as a resource for those wishing to find out more about the Christian faith and bring aspects of Church into peoples’ homes.


We propose to reflect the wider community within the website with the hope that it can become a resource for other groups within Southfleet, Bean and New Barn.



In proposing the design, structure and content of the new website we looked at the following websites to gather ideas:




            St Albans



Churches (Church of England)

            Ten neighbouring churches


Churches (other)

            Two Baptist Churches

            One Methodist Church

            One Catholic Church


Faith Communities



Worship sites of other faiths

            Guru Nanak Temple, Gravesend

            Gravesend and Dartford Muslim Association



            Ten local schools, primary and secondary


Community Centres

            Five local community centres


Local History

            Two local history groups


Local Authorities

            Three surrounding Local Authorities  



We propose that the new website comprises of the following:

(The “Purpose/Contents” and “Written By” columns will need to be completed in conjunction with the Rector and/or Church Wardens).



Page / subpages


Written by

Home Page entitled “Welcome to St Nicholas Church”

·         How to find us



·         How to contact us




Written directions



Telephone numbers

e-mail addresses


Who We Are and What We Do

·         Vison and Aims


·         Contacts/Roles


·         Services


·         Bean Church / Bean Team




·         Children – link to page

·         Life Events – Baptism,

            Weddings, Thanksgivings,



·         House Groups




·         Mowing Team




·         Cleaning/Maintenance Team



The church’s vision as agreed by the Rector and PCC

List of contacts and roles within the church

List of Services with times and descriptions

Details of Bean Church including how to find it, service times, contact details



Details of how to arrange services for life events including full details of wedding preparation

Details of house groups, dates/times/locations and how to find out about joining a group

Details of the Mowing Team, dates and times of meeting and how to join

Cleaning/Maintenance work for the Church and how to volunteer, annual work days 




·         Sunday Club



·         Messy Church




·         Cool Tots



Dates/Times and who to contact. Structure and content. Age range.

Dates/Times and who to contact. Structure and content.

Details of “Messy Church”. Age range.

Dates/Times and who to contact. Age range.


Events and News

·         News

·         Future Events

·         Events Archive




The Church Building

·         Access and Facilities

·         History

·         People

·         St Nicholas

·         Conservation

·         Windows

·         Brass

·         Tiles

·         The Churchyard

·         Tour

·         Virtual Tour of the tower

·         Gallery

·         Historymakers

·         What Our Visitors Thought 






·         Choir

·         Organ

·         Bell Ringers

·         Home Visit Singing Group



How to join/who to contact

Dates/Times/Choir Practice

Who/how to join

Explanation/who to contact for a visit


Faith and Prayer

·         Messages from the Rector

·         Sermons

·         Inspirational Words

·         Prayer

·         How to ask for prayer

·         Key times in the Churches

·         Calendar






·         Offerings


·         Donations

·         Fundraising



·         Grants


When offering are given what they are used for

How to make a donation

Fundraising events, why they are necessary, what they are used for

Details of current and requested grants


Sedley’s School

·         Links with the church

·         Parade Services

·         School Website




Community Page

·         Organisations


·         Contact Details     

·         Events


·         News



·         Adverts


Details of organisations within the community

Useful contact details

Non church events within the parish

Non church news within the parish

Adverts from businesses, organisations within the parish


Business Matters

·         Meetings


·         APCM


·         Safeguarding


·         DBS Checks


Links To Websites

·         The Church of England Website

·         The Diocese of Rochester Website

·         Sedley’s CE School Website

Links to Facebook

·         St Nicholas Church





Details, dates/times of meetings

APCM date/time, reports, previous minutes etc

Statutory Safeguarding requirements

Details of DBS check and when/how to obtain one



We propose to use photographic images from artefacts and windows within the church to create a site image that reflects the building balanced with images which reflect the active life of the Church.


Domain Name/Host/Website Builder


We looked at 10 alternative Website Builders, costs and associated reviews. In our opinion the current Website via Church123 provides value for money and cost considerably less than many alternatives.  


We propose to continue to use website builder and this is easy to set up and edit and provides great flexibility.  

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